Create Your Show

If you are an ESA programme manager you may have already explored the potentiality of a 3D animation to describe the goal of your research or the result already achieved by your research. Now think about the possibility to really interact with your data, and be immersed in their visualisation.

That’s the power VRT can add to your presentation.

A 3D show displays data that can be adapted on an Earth shape. These data can change over a time period or stay fixed.

The following are some examples of data that can be used to produce shows:

  • Raster 2D images and Data Elevation Models (as Tiff or Bitmap files, or different tiff files that can be matched together)
  • Vector data (as Shape Files) e.g. for continents profiles/outlines
  • Raster 3D images: volumetric data as for the Ozone ones (HDF and NetCDF files)

In case you want to describe data variations over time, metadata reference time for acquired data are needed, implying different images for different period.

If you have data on a web map server it can be retrieved in real time.

There are other possibilities: get in touch with us to discuss them.

As an example, for showing the Geoide in GOCE show, we have received one monochromatic DEM image and one Tiff file that covered all the planet. In a few days the show was ready to be displayed. Image